Our visit to the Blue Lagoon Vienna

Episode 2 – Our visit to the Blue Lagoon Vienna

If you can’t get rid of the idea of having your own four walls, then the foundation stone for your own dream home has already been laid. But how do you decide between all the providers and options? Johanna and Bernhard got an overview in the Blue Lagoon Vienna and the ZENKER film team was allowed to accompany them. The trip to Vienna was definitely worth it for the two of them. Their dream of owning their own home is taking shape step by step.

The Blue Lagoon Vienna: a rewarding experience

“A thorough online research first helped us to further develop our idea of owning a house. We also wanted to check out our favourites on site,” the couple from the Salzkammergut reveals to us. The ZENKER brand had already made a positive impression on the couple. Now they want to know if this impression will last when they visit the show house. During the conversation it quickly becomes clear that it is not only the architecture that has to be right. A personal contact person is also very important to Johanna and Bernhard. The two take advantage of the sunny weather for a walk through the idyllic grounds and are inspired by the different architectural styles. Johanna tells us her first impression: “At first it’s a lot of information at once, but you soon find out what you like.”

The two already have a rough idea of the size of the house, the costs and the layout in the floor plan. But there are still many unanswered questions. The two are interested in the materials used, the schedule and the services of the individual suppliers. “The flexibility was also decisive,” Bernhard reveals, “we wanted to adapt the floor plan according to our wishes.”

To our question of whether they would recommend a visit to the Blue Lagoon Vienna, Johanna and Bernhard answer with a resounding “yes”. For them, the on-site tour of the show houses was a great help in planning their dream home – especially the consultation at ZENKER was crucial. But more about that in the next article.

Johanna Bernhard Musterhauspark wien zenker

Blue Lagoon Vienna

The Model House Park Vienna is the largest prefabricated house centre in Europe. It offers future builders the opportunity to see the houses of a wide range of suppliers in the flesh. Better known as the “Blue Lagoon Vienna”, the location offers around 74,000 m² of exhibition space. Due to its proximity to Shopping City Süd, a visit can be wonderfully combined with a day of shopping.

FAQs for your visit:

  • Is there a charge for admission to the show home park? The visit to the Austrian show house parks is free of charge.
  • Do I need an appointment for my visit to the show home park? ZENKER offers you the option of booking an appointment in advance. This way you can be sure that an expert will look after you exclusively and answer your questions. However, our doors are also open to spontaneous guests.
  • Can I go inside the houses? Our show houses are unlocked during opening hours. You are not only allowed to go inside, but also to move around freely in the house, look around, try everything out and simply feel at home.
  • Where in the Blue Lagoon can I find the ZENKER planning consultants? Walk a little way to the left from the entrance. You will find our ZENKER show house on plot 40. Your planning expert is on hand to help you.
  • Can I change the floor plan of a house? ZENKER builds your house entirely according to your wishes. Talk to the ZENKER planning experts about your ideas and habits. Based on this, we will suggest various concepts or work with you to create an individual plan.

Musterhauspark blaue lagune zenker wien

Opening hours Show House Park Vienna Blue Lagoon:

2351 Wiener Neudorf

Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

We look forward to your visit. Sincerely, Your ZENKER Team