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Our dream of a house

Episode 1 – Johanna & Bernhard: Our dream of a house

Johanna and Bernhard have decided on a dream house from ZENKER. Together with a film team, we are allowed to accompany them on their way to their new home – from their dream house to their dream home. In several episodes, the young couple let us share their experiences, wishes and expectations on the subject of house building.

Are you perhaps thinking about building your dream home yourself? Experiences from builders help prepare you for the questions that come up for you and your family. Follow the stories of our ZENKER customers and see for yourself.

Every dream home begins with a wish.

Johanna and Bernhard’s building project starts with a thought. That of spending their life together in a house of their own. Close to their relatives, in the region where they feel at home. To create a place where they feel completely at ease and where they can look forward to the future with joy.

Anyone planning a house always ventures a look into the future. How many rooms will we need? Will we keep to ourselves or will our family expand? How do we envisage our life together?

The perfect place to live.

For Johanna and Bernhard one thing is certain: their roots are in the Salzkammergut – this is where they want to build. They find the perfect place for their dream house near Lake Traunsee. During our first video shoot, the two take us to their fairytale piece of land – a well-kept residential area with a wonderful view, a nearby woodland and inviting fields.

kunden zenker hausbau am grundstueck

The first encounter with ZENKER.

Our building consultant meets the young couple for the first time in the ZENKER show home of the Blue Lagoon Vienna. On site, the two check out various providers and tell us about their vision of their own dream home. From Bernhard and Johanna’s point of view, the tour of the show houses is of course not the first point of contact with the various prefabricated house companies. “We did a thorough online research before we visited the show house park,” Johanna reports. Bernhard adds: “A professional internet presence was also a decisive factor”.

The two don’t want to tell us how the initial interview in the show house goes at this point – they prefer to show us their perspective of the experiences during the next video shoot in the Blue Lagoon.

Decision paths to the dream house.

At ZENKER we know the thoughts of our clients when the vision of the individual dream home is forming. The first questions are particularly important. If you are a prospective builder, you should think about the following questions:

  • What is your desire to live in? What do you dream of?
  • What are your life plans? As a couple, with children, a place all to yourself or should you also consider living space for your parents?
  • Where would you like to live? What conditions must the surroundings fulfil?
  • Which type of construction do you feel comfortable with? Do you prefer timber construction?
  • Which building partner is the right one for you? What values are important to you in a company?

Johanna and Bernhard had already asked themselves these questions. They told us about their common desires, that they are prepared for the eventualities in their lives, now own a plot of land according to their ideas and have decided on the advantages of a prefabricated house.