Tips for a Feng Shui House

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Why is Feng Shui so popular in our modern society? Well because we spend so much of our time and energy on the distractions all around us. With Feng Shui there are a few steps to take to create a room without distraction in your home to make you feel more at ease.

Feng Shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics and uses the five elements and nature to harness energy. This energy, Qi, is what is known as an invisible living energy and ties humanity, the universe and earth all together. As society evolves, we lose touch with nature and become numb to a general feeling of peace and calmness around us. As a result of the overload of information that we receive every day, our brains don’t even register the important parts anymore. Experimenting with Feng Shui, even if you don’t believe in it at first, will detach you from your regular routine as you have actively done something about it and in doing so, you will start to believe that it is having an effect on you.

By harnessing your Qi you can become at one with nature.

Due to the naturally busy lives we live and our total dependence on technology it is important that everyone has his quiet and calm space. No matter whether it is a tiny corner in a room, the whole room or even the whole house, as long as it is there.
So what are the steps you can take to create your Feng Shui area?


Colour schemes

The colours that are used in Feng Shui correspond to the five elements as mentioned previously. These include:

  • Wood – green 
  • Fire – red 
  • Earth – yellow and brown 
  • Metal – silver, gold, white and metallic colours
  • Water – blue and black

These colours act as substitutes to the elements, so that the energy can continue to flow through them as if they were physically there. Therefore each of these colours has a particular meaning or purpose: for example pink represents love, romance and partnership, shades of deep blue infuse wisdom and introspection. It is very effective to have a colour representing an emotion as it subconsciously focuses our minds on that theme or emotion making it easier to feel it.

These are the five elements and the colours associated with them.


Inside your house 

There are a few guidelines for Feng Shui rooms and houses, to make sure that there is a perpetual energy flow within that room.

The bedroom

  • Avoid having your bed exactly in line with the door. In Chinese tradition it resembles a coffin being taken away, feet first. Your energy gets lost at night, as it flows through you and then out the door.
  • Try to place mirrors where they are not facing the bed. If you are single and alone in bed it doubles your loneliness, on the other hand if you are in a relationship the mirror creates a third party as such which could instigate infidelity.
  • The bed should be easily accessible from either side and there should be a bedside table on both sides.
  • To achieve complete tranquillity in your room, be sure to make it aesthetically pleasing and always keep it clean. This means that when you are in the room you open yourself to the energy rather than worrying about the disorder in your room.


General tips for any room

  • If the window and the door are directly opposite to each other in a room, make sure to put something either in the middle or in front of the window. This is to prevent the energy from going straight out the room, either by the window or the door. This could be something like a plant or any piece of decoration.
  • In general, if you have a small room use light coloured walls to make it seem bigger and to have a better light flow through the room. Contrary to this, use darker tones to decrease the optical size of the room to make a bigger room more cosy.

Note the shade of nude colours in the room, completing the look.


For the garden

  • To allow Qi to flow, use curved pathways in your garden.
  • Try to understand the bagua of your house and garden to place things outside. Bagua is a tool to identify the different areas of energy around your house or the area that you are in. It is connected to the poles and therefore each cardinal point represents a different energy. To find the bagua all you have to do is step outside your front door and use a compass to find the cardinal points.
  • The Northeast relates to personal growth and education. As this is connected to earth, anything that would relate to earth would enhance the Qi. An example would be rock formations.
  • In the North the energy is for careers. This is associated with water, therefore fountains or water decorations would be perfect there.


Enjoy building your Feng Shui garden and house! The effort you put into rearranging your home the more positive and healing energy you will get out of it. Understand it, harness it and then use it to do something positive. Make a positive impact on your daily life.


Look at the previous article in german about House and Garden.


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