The big day has come

Episode 6 – House assembly: The big day has come

The day has finally come: The house assembly for ZENKER customers Johanna and Bernhard is on the agenda. This closes a circle. What began with the dream of their own house and became more and more concrete with the initial discussion and the sampling is now entering the final phase. During the assembly of the house, the previously carefully planned dream home is turned into reality – the ZENKER team erects a complete house in just one working day. See impressions of the house assembly in the video clip, while Johanna and Bernhard describe their personal experiences:

House assembly: “A special feeling”

Our young couple of builders made no secret of the fact that the big day of house assembly initially brings with it some nervousness as well as a lot of anticipation. What is the process like? Are there any additional challenges due to wind or rain? All quite normal, after all, building a house at a young age is usually a completely new experience.

The competent ZENKER assembly team ensured that Johanna and Bernhard’s nervousness was very soon replaced by pure enthusiasm. After all, a single-family house can only be assembled within hours with a great deal of attention to detail and well-rehearsed work processes. Our team knows exactly where connections have to be placed, which tiles have been ordered and which lighting concept is to be implemented in which room. In the morning, the crane and lorry roll in with the components, and by the evening almost the entire house is in place. What may seem almost impossible to outsiders is an absolute routine for the ZENKER installation team. Of course, there are still many details to be clarified and fine adjustments to be made after assembly, but the big things have now already been done.

Zenker Hausmontage Kunden Johanna und Bernhard 2

Good planning in advance makes house assembly easier

Sales talk, sampling and detailed planning – even before the house is assembled, valuable groundwork has been done and the foundation laid, so to speak. We at ZENKER are particularly pleased that the client Johanna reported consistently positive experiences on the way to the prefabricated house in the course of the house assembly. From the first meeting in the Blue Lagoon, she and her partner felt that they had been taken by the hand and given the best possible support.

With the performance of the assembly team and the millimetre-precise implementation of the previously constructed plans, the house-building process has come full circle. For Johanna and Bernhard, the dream of their own house is within reach – it has even taken shape.