Sampling: Finding our style

Episode 4 – Sampling: Finding our style in furnishings and fittings

During the sampling process, you are pleasantly “spoilt for choice” when it comes to building a house, as you decide on interior and exterior furnishing elements. After Johanna and Bernhard had already been advised by the ZENKER consultant on all questions regarding the floor plan, room layout and building style in the last episode, the next step is the sampling meeting. The two of them meet our specialist in the design centre of the Blue Lagoon prefabricated house centre in a very relaxed atmosphere.

In the video, the ZENKER consultant describes the sampling process. Johanna and Bernhard also talk about their experiences and have some tips for other customers:

Sampling: details of the consultation

Our young couple of builders has the opportunity to design the furnishings completely individually through the sampling and to see (and try out) everything in the flesh. An authentic experience on the way to the dream home. Tile design, choice of roof, kitchen planning and much more – the consultant accompanies you in the decision-making process, literally taking you by the hand.

Innenbemsterung ZENKER Hausbau im Designcenter

Johanna has a recommendation for home builders: “As a customer, you should already come to the sampling with certain ideas. What do I like about it? By the way, the home furnishings section of the ZENKER website is ideal for getting initial impressions.

Tips for the perfect interior

You will soon be a happy homeowner, but what furnishings will you choose? Which style should inspire you every day in your new home? The Design Centre offers a wide range of options. These tips for furnishing and sampling will make your life easier:

Take a look around

What do you particularly like about the neighbours’ house? Is your best friend’s kitchen layout ideal? Get ideas from your friends’ and relatives’ houses, you’ll quickly find your personal style.

Balancing act of advice

Friends and relatives sometimes don’t spare more or less valuable tips. Take them to heart, but don’t forget to stay true to yourself and your own wishes.

Keep a record of your ideas

Write down your specific wishes in advance. This way you can be sure not to forget anything important. At the Design Centre, this work is done for you. Your advisor will compile a list of your ordered products for you.

Zenker Hausbau Bauberater Bemusterung e1544629865727

Let us help you

Our experts will be happy to advise you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make use of their extensive design knowledge.

Direct comparison

Place individual designs you like directly next to each other. Try to imagine how you use them every day. Which one makes the better impression?

Think Big

Have photos or visualisations (for example in the form of 3D renderings) shown to you to determine whether you also like the desired façade colour or roof tile type on a large scale. The ZENKER Design Centre is predestined to help you make good decisions during the sampling process without stress.

Bemusterung mit Johanna und Bernhard bei ZENKER Hausbau

Listen to your gut feeling

In order to feel really comfortable in your home, you should also listen to your gut feeling when sampling. Because cosiness cannot be measured.