Prefabricated house from ZENKER

Episode 3 – We buy our prefabricated house from ZENKER

Johanna and Bernhard want to buy a prefabricated house. A visit to the Blue Lagoon Vienna helps the two of them make basic decisions. They are inspired by various building styles and get expert advice on their building project in the ZENKER show house. This way, the dream home is planned quickly and according to their wishes. In this video, the couple talks about their experiences during the first consultation and the path to their ZENKER dream home.

Building on trust.

Johanna and Bernhard are received in a relaxed manner in the ZENKER show home. “It’s important to me that people arrive first,” reveals the planning expert on site. Getting to know each other is important. On the one hand, to pick up the prospective builder exactly where he needs help. On the other hand, because building is a matter of trust. Bernhard and Johanna already feel they are in good hands during the first consultation – because their ideas are incorporated into the planning right from the start.

One step closer to the dream house.

Even during the research for their building project, it is clear to Johanna and Bernhard that they want to buy a prefabricated house. The first appointment with their ZENKER planning expert confirms this decision. The personal conversation quickly crystallises which points are important to the two of them. With the signing of the purchase contract, they are a decisive step closer to their dream home. And soon they will be working on the details in the design centre. More about this in the next episode.

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Before you buy your prefabricated house:

Anyone who wants to buy a prefabricated house should think about their individual dream house in advance. Making notes about your own wishes will help you to consider everything that is important to you already during the planning stage.

The style

Take a look at different building styles before your first consultation. Discuss with your partner or family what you like and collect pictures of your dream house. This way we can plan for your ideas right from the start.

The size

How much living space do you want in your dream home? How large should the personal retreats of the residents be and how much common space is needed for harmonious family life? Your ZENKER planning expert will use his experience to help you find concrete answers to these questions.

The plot of land

Do you already own a plot of land, do you have one in prospect or do you already know what you are looking for? Any information on this will help your building consultant to plan the optimal dream house for you. ZENKER will inform you about special building conditions, permits or regional peculiarities.

Interior and exterior

The more concrete your ideas are about the room layout or the terrace or garden design, the easier it will be to plan the ideal dream home for you. A prefabricated house from ZENKER provides you with inspiration for your own house idea. During the consultation, we will help you to turn these ideas into reality.

Buying your prefabricated house

You only buy your prefabricated house when you are sure that the planning is completely in line with your wishes. And even after that, your ZENKER expert is there for you. We take as much time as you need for your dream home.